Team Asha DC 2016 Runner: Pooja Kharade

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Fundraisers should use pride, not apology, when asking for a gift for a charity that is doing good work. – Henry Rosso

I am proud to be a part of Asha DC as a fundraiser. “Asha for Education” is a non-profit organization. And I am willing to raise funds for Asha to bring socio-economic changes in India by way of educating underprivileged children.Pooja

In contribution to my efforts to raise funds, I am participating in the Team Asha DC program and training this year for a run in a 5k (Alexandria Running Festival in May) and a half-marathon (13.1 miles) at the Baltimore Running Festival on October 15, 2016. Yes I know, it is a huge challenge and a lot of time commitment for me but the overwhelmed feeling of helping underprivileged children (Nation’s future) continuously inspires me. I am sure whatever funds I raise will help these children to live a better life.


What happens when a country of the size of India has over 3 million children living on the streets? Or has over 150 million children working as bonded laborers? Or one out of every six girl child does not live to see her 15th birthday? What happens when despite having a national policy for compulsory primary education, only 50% of children have access to education?

The statement “Children are the future of the nation” stops making sense, then! In fact, it sounds like an ominous prophecy. For how can we explain that even after 69 years of independence, half of India’s children are illiterate? Despite identifying primary education as a key thrust area and possessing one of the largest networks of schools in the world?

Clearly, we have a lot to answer for. And as concerned citizens do something about it; something meaningful, something concrete, something urgently. No more do we have the luxury of blaming the system or postponing our actions. The time to take collective as well as individual responsibility to remedy the present situation is here. Right now! And also we need many more Smiles to cater to the vast (increasing) number of children in our country’s population.

Reasons why you should donate to Asha DC.

  1. Asha is a 100% volunteer-driven organization trying to keep the overhead low so that every dollar donated goes directly to benefit the cause. Athletes cover all marathon-related expenses.
  2. Your contribution is tax-deductible (Tax ID: 77-0459884, Asha for Education).
  3. By educating underprivileged children, we can help them break out of the cycle of poverty and create better lives for themselves and their communities.
  4. Most employers will match contributions made to Asha for Education.
  5. Last but not the least, “Do good, feel great!”